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Fragrance Diffuser
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Fragrance Diffuser
It is a simple and efficient way to diffuse interior fragrance. Natural absorbent paper welded with a cotton thread, is thick and loose forming good surfaces to absorb and diffusethe fragrance freely. Paper cutting design is simple and utilitarian, allowing the paper and thread set sit steadily on a white ceramic holder for diffusion.

How to use
Open the glass bottle, remove the lid and plastic cover. Let the ceramic holder sit comfortable on the glass bottle, dip slowly the cotton thread from the paper cut into the fragrance, softly lower the paper cut and place it on the ceramic holder. The fragrance will gradually moisturize the paper and the fragrance will start to travel in the surrounding. Allow free air circulation to make the fragrance moving smoothly and freely.

The glass bottle contains 90ml/2.97fl.oz of 100% fine fragrance. The diffusing time can last at least 2-3 months.